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Cargo insurance

For those who have to send goods to other regions or countries, the important issue of preservation of the parcel. How to protect a load from damage and to protect your company from unforeseen circumstances? The only answer is to think about insurance!

We help you to get reliable insurance for a wide variety of cargo transported in different ways (by car, train, plane, barge or ship, etc.) For us there are no unattainable points — we will help tip to insure the goods sent to every corner of the globe.

In order to protect their cargo at each stage of the journey its movements, necessary to issue the insurance policy. This can be done in three ways:

1. the program is high, when the insurance company is responsible for all risks and shall indemnify all losses.
2. insurance providing liability insurance company for total loss of cargo and damage. In this case, insurance does not cover loss on the risks associated with illegal actions of third parties.
3. the program is a minimum when the insurance company is responsible for damage to or destruction of the goods only in case of an accident, for example, the crash of the vehicle carrying the cargo, or collision of several vehicles, including transporting cargo.

The price of insurance consists of the following parts:

1. insurance categories (these are the three areas about which we spoke above). The fuller coverage, so, naturally, the higher the cost, but — most importantly — more reliable protection
2. the composition of the cargo
3. level of possibility of injury or damage (fragile cargo)
4. easy - or trudobelikovskiy cargo
5. the vehicle selected for shipment
6. the distance that the cargo is sent
7. the need to change transport for delivery of cargo
8. necessary placing of goods in temporary storage warehouse
9. additional protection in the form of the existence of protection, sealing, etc.
10. cargo size.

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