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Теперь платить за износ дорожного полотна будут те, кто причиняет ему максимальный ущерб,– 12-тонники.…
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Объемы грузовых железнодорожных перевозок по итогам года могут упасть на 1,2–1,8%, сообщил президент…
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    International air freight

    One of the main directions in international cargo transportation for us today is China. Sea transport is cheaper, but the aircraft to ensure the speed of delivery. There are no restrictions on volumes, weight and dimensions (or work, including hazardous, oversized and heavy cargo).
    On top of that, we have adequate prices for international air freight and paperwork in any country of the globe.

    Our experts are happy to quickly and accurately calculate the shipping cost of your product. Moreover, it is not necessary for this to come to our office – just call or go to our website in the Internet.

    International carriage of goods

    LTD. "VED Traiding" works in the market of logistics, transportation and consulting services since 2009.

    We carry out international air cargo transportation, road transport and international Maritime transport, as well as support of foreign economic activity, provide customs clearance, insurance and certification of goods.

    Today, "VED Traiding" is a steadily growing and financially independent company. We have gained extensive experience of cooperation with foreign and domestic organizations. We have established ourselves as a reliable, fast and effective logistics operator conducting international air cargo.

    International air cargo

    The company "VED Traiding" promptly delivers goods of all sizes and with a variety of characteristics from the EU and Asia as well as Australia and the United States of America. Thus, we organize the international air cargo from more than 30 countries.

    In this company, "VED Traiding" carries out support of foreign economic activities of its customers at all stages.

    Our experts will help you in the shortest possible time to hold an international air cargo, delivery of goods motor transport and sea transport, but also to solve any problems related to logistics as General and modular cargoes, passing them through the customs, insurance and certification with minimum use of resources.

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