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Certification of products



One of the important conditions, under which a number of goods allowed into the Russian market is the presence of certification. It is of two types - voluntary (in this case the product can do without the document, but it confirms the quality, and hence increases competitiveness), and binding. Last, put about half of imported into our country of products, such as kitchenware, cosmetics, equipment or food.

If you don't know whether you need to obtain a certificate for goods, you need to determine its HS code. Here and there are pitfalls. The choice of this code depends not only the fact that we need certification or not, but the amount of the fee to be paid for the imported goods. In addition, if the code is incorrectly determined, the customs this may be considered an offence and to decide on the punishment.
For goods from China you should also consider that Russia has not used Chinese codes, which means that the correct code will have to pick their own, after agreeing it with foreign partners.

The cost of certification.

What isthe priceof certification:

1. categoriesof imported products. The costwill include theresearch necessaryfora particular groupof goods
2. of the country in whichyou intend to distribute the goods.Not alwaysthe morethe number of countries, the higher the price. Sometimesit is cheaper to obtain a certificatefor multipleforeign markets.


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