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Теперь платить за износ дорожного полотна будут те, кто причиняет ему максимальный ущерб,– 12-тонники.…
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Объемы грузовых железнодорожных перевозок по итогам года могут упасть на 1,2–1,8%, сообщил президент…
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Road transport is one of the most popular destinations when arranging the shipment. Highly qualified specialists of our company will help you quickly and securely deliver any product to any place. To do this, we can develop a specific route, pick up transport and the best value service. For us there is no distance – your cargo will be delivered from Russia to Europe as quickly as possible, and without damage. We care about your time and wallet. In addition, we can arrange escort of the goods.

There are no restrictions on weight, volume and dimensions of cargo for transportation by road. Each issue is solved individually.
We work only with reliable and experienced carriers are able to provide a guarantee that your cargo will be delivered on time and without any damage.

Our company offers reasonable prices for services, and our partners wait for a discount.

Also, if you wish, we can load and unload products at any time of the day, send LTL and to organize transit traffic, collect all your goods in one place, and then send them to the final recipient.

To ensure reliability, we personally supervise the movement of cargo, and you can do it with us!

Until we deliver your shipment, you can sleep peacefully!

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