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Теперь платить за износ дорожного полотна будут те, кто причиняет ему максимальный ущерб,– 12-тонники.…
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Объемы грузовых железнодорожных перевозок по итогам года могут упасть на 1,2–1,8%, сообщил президент…
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One of directions of our company – the organization of transportations and delivery of goods around the world. Here you will find the most convenient routes, professional assistance and affordable prices. We work with reliable and experienced companies (Aeroflot, AirBridgeCargo, Air France - KLM, Lufthansa, DHL, etc.). We understand how important it is for you to quickly and accurately deliver the goods, so we quickly can find space for your cargo on any voyage. To send and receive goods with our help, you will be able to from anywhere in the world (Europe, China, America, Russia).

Our company employs professional technicians who will make sure your cargo quickly through customs. For your convenience, we are located in one of the most popular airports of Moscow. This means that we can quickly resolve all issues regarding the transportation or delivery of the goods.

In addition, our company is engaged in the organization of design documentation and customs declarations. Also, we can pick up the goods from the warehouse of the supplier, wherever he was. The specialists of our company will monitor the quality of the product, its weight, and prepare all the necessary papers.

Our company works in the following areas:

•Air travel from Europe.
•Air freight from China.
•The freight from America.
•For flights from Russia to Europe, America and China.


The cost of air travel

We are arranging transportation and delivery of goods around the world.

Speed, quality, safety and comfort are the key principles underlying our work. That is why the number of our regular customers is growing every day.

Our company cooperates with the major aircraft manufacturers, including Aeroflot, AirBridgeCargo, Air France - KLM, Lufthansa, DHL, etc.

•the most convenient and comfortable routes possible to deliver cargo in the shortest time;
•dispatch and delivery of goods from anywhere and to anywhere in the world;
•highly qualified professional and experienced specialists;
•fast and qualitative execution of accompanying documents and customs declarations;
•affordable rates, which involve discounts for regular customers.

We understand how to quickly and accurately deliver the goods, so we have no competitors!

To know the cost of air travel by phone +7(495) 724-09-47


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