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Теперь платить за износ дорожного полотна будут те, кто причиняет ему максимальный ущерб,– 12-тонники.…
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Объемы грузовых железнодорожных перевозок по итогам года могут упасть на 1,2–1,8%, сообщил президент…
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Assistance in finding partner


One of the main problems faced by domestic firms in entering the international market is looking for foreign partner, or supplier of goods from other countries.Reliable, responsible, able to help develop the business, and not opposite to "kill" him.

If you had to deal with such a problem, we can help to solve it. Moreover, completely disinterested. Highly qualified specialists of our company will tell you how to find partners or suppliers abroad.

This is possible due to our well developed relationships with chambers of Commerce and various unions of other States, we have regional branches.

Today, we work with almost 30 countries, including China, the United States of America, Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain.

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