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Теперь платить за износ дорожного полотна будут те, кто причиняет ему максимальный ущерб,– 12-тонники.…
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Объемы грузовых железнодорожных перевозок по итогам года могут упасть на 1,2–1,8%, сообщил президент…
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If you wish to save on freight, you should pay attention to sea transport. Carriage of goods by sea has been for centuries one of the "elephants" on which to hold international trade, and with it the economy, because the world ocean is the largest on the planet thoroughfare, containing a great many trade routes. It is also important that international Maritime transport for the past 400 years governs a uniform legal system.

International marine transportation is one of the most economical ways of transportation in the world. Especially suitable for this mode of transport in transportation of heavy, oversized cargo, because it has a high carrying capacity and carrying capacity. It can be transported flammable, solid, liquid, and granular matter.

With the development of technological advances improving speed capabilities of Maritime transport, increases the degree of its reliability and durability, and, consequently, reduced time of delivery of goods with assurance of its safety. In addition, in cases where partners (seller and buyer) are located on different continents, the transportation of goods in sea transport is the only alternative to expensive air travel that much safer and easier from a legal point of view. Sea freight can be carried out virtually from anywhere in the world: Russia, Asia, Europe, America etc.

In the field of Maritime transport LTD "VED Trading" offers its clients the following:


•Sea transportation of cargo in 20 - and 40-foot containers;
•Sending of cargoes by sea transport.
•Marine transportation of oversized cargo.
•Use of major sea ports around the world when sending goods;
•Chartering of vessels.
•Warehousing and consolidation of cargoes in ports.
•Registration of transport documents when sending goods.
•Insurance of cargo during Maritime transport.
•Providing information on the status of the cargo during the sea carriage.
•The provision of services in cargo forwarding in the ports of Europe.


We can arrange sea freight for any goods so that you do not waste time and money.

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